Raymond Soon



Co-Founding Partner
Marketing and Customer Relation Director 


Raymond holds a Diploma in Chinese Teaching and B.S. Management / Information System from Menlo College. He completed his double degree MBA from both National University of Singapore and Peking University and founded Mind Asia subsequently.

Prior to this venture, he spent the last 10 years with hi-tech MNCs based in both China and the USA – polishing his skills with involvement spanning the entire supply chain – from the frontline business development to project management and backend operations.

How he discovered his passion in life was by no mean an easy journey.  Not appreciating the importance of education at a young age, he f%!#-ed up his studies and turned out to be academically, the worst student in the history of Hwa Chong J.C. He graduated with a Sportsboy of the Year award and represented the national team on top of winning the schools’ national A Division championship. This very lesson served as a major turning point in life for great things to come. Given a second chance, he completed college a year earlier and received full scholarship for academic excellence achieving magna cum laude honours and was inducted into both Alpha Chi and Delta Mu Delta society.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and education – both its underlying theory and its application, having witness the benefit and the impact it can bring to kids who are given the opportunity and most of all, a second chance. Raymond approaches education from multiple angles – Physical, Social Emotional, Academic and Cognitive Development.

He is a certified instructor with Mindful Schools, an organization based in San Francisco Bay Area, that teaches mindfulness to kids, and is NCAP L1 certified, NROC registered basketball coach with Singapore Sports Council. He is also Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) ACTA certified and had developed a number of curriculum.

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Implementation of Productivity Framework
  • Implement Lean Six Sigma
  • Perform Basic Productivity Practices

Raymond believes that STEM education is what the country (Singapore) needs, so that the next generation of excellent exam scorers on paper will be equally excellent in real life applications of knowledge. When time allows, he gets deeply involve by volunteering at a non-profit organisation that teaches mindfulness for kids and as a basketball coach imparting life skills, leadership and character development.

He aspire to surpass the accomplishments of his grandpa, the late Mr. Soon Peng Yam, founder of Sim Lim Group and ex-chairman of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and other charitable organisations.